What is the Best Electric Blanket for Truck Drivers?

It's starting to get pretty chilly in our neck of the woods. Perfect weather for sitting next to the fireplace on a dreary day. But what's a trucker supposed to do to stay comfy and cozy on the road?

In our opinion, the next best thing is a nice electric blanket. This is a great option for those days in the truck that are especially, or maybe when you'd like to prevent having too much idling time. You could still keep warm with your fancy heated electric blanket! You can find several different kinds online, both with 12 volt plugs and regular plugs you could use with an inverter.

Our Recommendation

This heated fleece electric blanket from Trillium Worldwide is inexpensive while still being a quality product for the road. This particular blanket has a 12 volt plug so it could be cozy to use while you're filling out paperwork or for your co-driver/rider to use up front. The blanket has an on/off switch and an automatic shut off timer, but you certainly can just reset it. The blanket itself is about a twin size lap blanket so it's not really something you could sleep with at night, but it's perfect to keep you comfortable during the day.

Here's what customers had to say...

"I purchased this item for my wife because she is always cold, even if everyone else is hot. She has used it on trips and is very satisfied with it. It keeps her warm while the rest of us can be cooler and comfortable." --L. Mark Hollins

“I looked at a lot of automotive heating blankets before I found this one. It has the feature I most wanted in an auto blanket: a timer to shut off the blanket in case it was left plugged in. I bought this blanket to use in my Chevy Volt so I would not have to run the heater to warm my kids in the back seat. They are loving it, being toasty warm all the way to town. The automatic shut-off has been a battery-saver, since they have forgotten to unplug it 3 times already in two weeks. It is also a very nice size--big enough to cover both backseats, but not so big that it is bulky or in the way. I would recommend this product to my friends.” –Mom Mother of Six

"I read all the reviews, and saw good and bad on these 12 vdc electric blankets. This one works perfectly. My wife is forever cold in the car. Also, I can't live without the air on. She is happy now. The blanket is plenty large to cover her adequately. I was surprised that it gets noticeably warm in about 4 minutes. The timer is a convienient feature. Select 30 or 45 minutes. There is also a reset button to turn the heat back on. The only thing the blanket lacks, is a manual temperature adjustment. It's not that big of a deal though. If you are still trying to decide, this is the one. Buy it!" –Robrooks7

Do you use an electric blanket on the road? Which would you recommend? Share your suggestions in the comments below!