Truck Driving Job Miles, Pay & Benefits

PAM Transport truck driver Nicole has been over the road in her new truck driving job for nearly a year. Just eleven months ago, she had been working various jobs and decided to start the Driver Solutions company sponsored CDL training program and go to truck driving school. Now she stopped by to tell us about her miles and pay over the road. Nicole told us she averages 2500-2700 miles with PAM Transport right now, though she had just finished a run to California which gave her 3900 miles. She's realistic and careful about her miles. She told us that depending on the loads she is given each week, one paycheck may be smaller, while the next week's paycheck may be a great check. Longer runs that are split between weeks will give her unequally distributed paychecks, while a lot of shorter runs all within a week give her more. To make sure she can manage her finances correctly with this potential for fluctuating pay, Nicole keeps 50% of her paychecks in a savings account she doesn't touch. With her new trucks driving job with PAM Transport, Nicole has been able to even pay off her home in Tennessee. She says the money is great over the road, and the miles are available, you just have to be willing to make the money and take the miles. Nicole started a truck driving job with company sponsored CDL training from Driver Solutions, and has worked as a team and solo driver for PAM Transport.

Nicole has worked hard to make the miles. But besides great pay, what else has all that time on the road given her? Watch the next episode in our Driver Solutions Alumni series: getting paid to see the country.

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