USA Truck Driver Interview With Driver Solutions - Part 3

So far, we have shared with you the first and second part of our interview with Michael Thomasson.  In the first part of our interview we got to know more about Michael and in the second part of our interview he discussed the trucking industry & lifestyle.  Today, we bring you part 3 of that interview in which Michael discusses his experience with Driver Solutions and the CDL training.  Part 4 will be published on Monday, so be sure to check back!

Q: How did you like truck driver training during your time at Driver Solutions?

A: I really enjoyed the way training was done back when I was at Driver Solutions about 7 years ago.  All of the staff at Driver Solutions were very friendly and they answered all of my questions.  When I got the to the truck driving school, they broke us down into groups and we stayed in those groups the whole time.  This let us get to know each other better and other groups wanted to compete with us to show they were better truck drivers.  In the end, it helped us all get more out of the cdl training. 

Q: Sometimes you will see these ‘consumer scam’ websites that allow users to rant and rave about a company without checking the source.  Trucking is no exception to these misleading reports.  So what would you say to someone that has read Driver Solutions scam report or a bad review online?

A: It’s a very good program that helps people get their trucking careers started.  Just like anything, there are a few things I’d change.  But having been through the program, I know you (Driver Solutions) are going to take the students at trucking school and do a good job with them.  The training itself is excellent and I’d say about 80 – 85% of the drivers I work with come through the Driver Solutions Training Program.  For awhile, I made it a point to keep up with the truck driving school instructors that are still there when I talk with my students.

Once students finish the truck driving school, they will come to the USA Truck training department for OTR training.  These folks ensure they (the trucking school grads) get the OTR training needed to be able to make it on their own.  I consider our training department & training requirements to be top notch.

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michael-thomasson-usa-truckMore about Michael:
Michael came through the Driver Solutions truck driver training program almost 7 years ago exactly (he remembers it was right before the 4th of July when he started school) and has been with USA Truck ever since.  He is currently training new drivers for USA truck and has been doing that for over 5 years.  He prides himself on the low accident rate his students have after they get off his truck and next year he, himself, will hit his 1 million safe miles mark all with USA Truck!