Driver Solutions - Giving Back This Holiday Season

Each holiday season, Driver Solutions employees come together to contribute to a cause that supports those in need.  This year, we chose to partner with the St. Mary's Child Center.  St. Mary’s Child Center is a not-for-profit education center that is focused on helping young children who are at great risk for a wide range of social, emotional, economic and environmental problems and whose needs are not being adequately met by any other private or public service.

For more information on our efforts this holiday season, we caught up with our HR manager, Kari Roesslein for a brief interview. 

Q: How were we able to help St. Mary's Child Center this holiday season?

A: Collectively, we were able to sponsor 14 children this year for Christmas.  We were given a wish list on each child to help us with clothing sizes, favorite colors and some of the child’s interests.  Our employee’s had the choice to either go buy a gift for one or more of the children or donate money and the team leaders would do the shopping.  We made sure to spend at least $150 on each child so anything that wasn’t covered in employee contributions the company picked up.  They asked that we buy a mix of clothes as well as toys so we made sure to fulfill their requests.  The employee’s here were incredibly generous and helped ensure a lot of smiles on Christmas morning!

Q: How can others get involved and make a difference?

A: There are a ton of organizations that allow you to sponsor children in need for the holidays and I urge other companies to get involved next year.  Through the years we have done a lot of different charity events and I have to say that sponsoring these children seemed the most gratifying.  The employees really embraced this opportunity and I think the fact that they got to shop for these kids made it much more personal than just donating money to a cause.  I believe that every child deserves a good Christmas and am so glad we were able to help make sure that happens for at least 14 of them.  There is still time to help a child this year by dropping a new toy in a Toys For Tots drop box found at many local grocery stores or Walmart!

Below is a picture of what Christmas morning will now look like for just 2 of these 14 children.  We're all glad we are able to help spread the joy this holiday season.