Driver Solutions Alumni Series - Out On The Road With PAM Transport

Today, we are announcing the official launch of our Driver Solutions Alumni Series.  The goal of this series is to catch up with recent graduates that are out on the road in new truck driving jobs to find out how things are going.  We want to get information and stories from drivers that have been through the Driver Solutions program and are starting to develop experience out on the road.  Then, we want to share that information with those looking to get into a trucking job so they can make the best decision about their future.

In our first interview, we caught up with Chad.  Chad came through truck driver training school about 3-4 months ago and is now working for PAM Transport as a team driver.  Chad was actually our first interview in our Driver Solutions' student series and in this video he comes back to us as an alumn. 

What is it like out on the road in a new trucking career? 

Why did Chad decide to pursue a team trucking job with PAM Transport? 

How did PAM Transport respond when in a time of family emergency?

Did Chad make the right career choice?

Chad answers these questions and more in the below video.

If you've been through the Driver Solutions training program and would like to be part of our Alumni Series, just head on over to our Facebook page and leave a message on our wall.  We will contact our shortly to set up an interview.