Driver Agent Blog Series - What Happens After Completing The Application?

Below is part 2 of our Driver Agent Blog Series interview with David.  To view part 1, check out the post from yesterday.  We will be publishing part 3 tomorrow. 

Q: What should an inexperienced driver know prior to completing the online application?

A: The most important thing is to understand what over-the-road (OTR) means.  Sometimes new applicants are not aware that an entry level trucking job will have them out on the road for a couple of weeks at a time.  This means that during that time they are going to be away from home.  Understanding this upfront will help them decide if truck driving will be a good fit.  It also helps applicants think of any other questions they might have about the trucking job itself. 

I also get questions about the trucks and how people will know where they are going.  Part of our job at training is to teach them how to be aware of their location out on the road and to be able to read maps to find the best route.  The good thing about the advancements in technology is that most trucks are now equipped with some type of GPS or satellite communication to provide routing info to make on-time deliveries.

Q: Walk me through what happens after someone completes the online application.

A: Once the application is submitted, the applicant will be able to schedule a time for a phone call with myself or another Driver Agent.

During the first call, I educate the applicant on what all is involved in starting a trucking career.  We go through the process of attending trucking school.  We also cover everything needed during for CDL training to meet all of the qualifications and earn a CDL license.  Each applicant gets a link to his personal Driver Account.  Here they can login to get more information on starting a trucking career.

On the second call, I follow-up to see if they are still interested in CDL training and answer any questions that might have come up.  I get the information necessary to get their driving record, criminal report and work history.  We then set up another time to talk.

The third call is to review their records and discuss our progress to pre qualify them for a trucking job opportunity. 

On the fourth call, we review the final arrangements for CDL training together and I answer any last minute questions they might have.  This is the last call before they begin trucking school.

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