Driver Agent Blog Series - Interview With Derek - Part 3

Below is part 3 of the Driver Solutions Driver Agent Blog Series.  To view parts 1 and 2 check the previous 2 posts.

Q: What are some things that trucking school students can do to prepare before they begin CDL training?

A: The most important thing they can do is study eGears.  eGears is an online CDL training tool that will prepare them for their permit test and trucking school.  We give all of our students free access to eGears and it's important they take advantage of it. 

It's also a good idea to plan a budget and make sure they know what they are getting into.  Training will last around 3 weeks and during that time they are going to be away from home and paying for things like meals and license fees.  The trucking company sponsoring their training will cover most other expenses, but they still need to plan on not having a paycheck during that time. 

Having the proper documentation is also a necessity to get started with their training.  We review everything each student will need on an individual level over the phone and they need to make sure they bring everything we need out to training. 

Q: What is the most important thing for students to remember to get the most out of their training?

A: Treat CDL training like you are going to school and listen to your instructors.  CDL training is like going to school and you need to take it seriously.  The information you learn will not only help you earn a good paycheck, but it will also keep you and the other motorists on the road safe.  There is a lot involved in learning how to drive a big rig and they need to be ready for 3 weeks of truck driver training. 

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