Decorate Your Truck For A Chance To Win!

The holiday season is in the air.  By now, many of you have probably already put up decorations at home - but did you remember to decorate your truck?

Nothing spreads the holiday joy quite like a semi truck traveling down the road with a wreath on the front grille.  We would love to see how you deck out your trucks this holiday season to keep the holiday spirit alive out on the road.  In fact, just for submitting an entry you will have a chance to win a $25 Wal-Mart gift card. 

Here is how we will decide the winner:

  • We will post the picture of your truck decorations on our blog and Driver Solutions Facebook page
  • We will then ask our followers to "like" the truck they want to win. 
  • The entry with the most total "likes" will win. 

You can have as much help as you like, we just want to see some nice holiday decorations on your truck.  Watch the below video for some inspiration and go here to enter