What Should You Look At When Deciding On A Trucking School?

To answer this question, we are joined by one of our Driver Agents named Aaron.  Aaron has helped hundreds of inexperienced drivers start trucking careers over the past 7 years at Driver Solutions.  Let's find out what he has to say...

Q: What should applicants look at when trying to decide on a trucking school?

A: The most important thing to review is the job opportunity following training.  Applicants need to ask about what happens after they complete training and where they can go to find employment.  At Driver Solutions, we are different from a lot of companies in that we work to find a pre-arranged trucking job opportunity before they start training. 

Applicants considering company sponsored CDL training should also look at the length of the contract with the trucking company.  Some programs will require the student to agree to a 2 year contract.  Often times, this is something the does not work out very well for the applicant.  We only require a 1 year contract if they go through our CDL training program.  This gives applicants more options when it comes to their long term career. 

I also recommend that if a loan is involved with the training cost that the applicants take a look at the interest rate and whether or not a credit check will be done to determine if they are eligible for a company to sponsor their training.  

Q: How do you work with potential students once you receive an application?

A: I explain to the applicants as much as I can about CDL training and the trucking job opportunities available.  Once all of the basic information is reviewed, I work with them to decide if truck driving will be a good career fit.  If they meet all of the qualifications, I then try to secure a company sponsorship and trucking job opportunity for them before they start training.   

Q: What are some frequently asked questions you get from applicants?

A: Do I get benefits?  When do I get benefits?  How much time do I spend with a trainer?  Where is the school?  Does the company pay for transportation?  How much can you make your first year?

Q: What are some things that applicants can do prior to CDL training?

A: The most important thing is for drivers to review eGears.  eGears is an online CDL training program that will help make sure they are ready for training and the CDL permit test.  It’s also a good idea to pick up a CDL manual from the start to help compliment eGears.