Enough is Enough!  From Dead-End Job To Promising Trucking Career

PAM Transport Team Trucking Job

Matt Finkes came through the Driver Solutions program in August of 2012.  He's now had over 9 months as an official PAM Transport driver, teaming with his friend and former high school classmate.  I had the chance to ask him about becoming a truck driver, his experience driving team and much more.  Here's the first part of Matt's story....

Q: What made you want to become a truck driver?

A: I decided to find a truck driving job after talking with my friend I went to high school with from the same town.  We were working together at Walmart at the time and he was telling me about one of his friends who had been with PAM Transport for several years and really liked it.  He got some more info from his friend and we were just sitting there talking about it on our lunchbreak while working the overnight shift.  Pay wasn't very good working in retail so we finally decided to just go for it.

Q: Prior to CDL training, did you have any experience driving a truck?

A: For the most part, it was new to me.  That being said, I used to run a lawn care company for a few years so I had some experience driving 3 quarter ton trucks with a 23 foot trailer.  This experience really helped me with the backing up portion during CDL training.  Most of the backing seemed like second nature to me once I got started.  This was definitely a bit of an advantage as backing can be difficult at first.

Q: What's it like to work a team truck driving job and share such a small space with someone else?

A: We worked together at Walmart for about 6 months and have known each other for years.  We knew what we were getting into with a team truck driving job and there really haven't been any surprises.  It's not that bad to share a space with someone else.  I keep hearing all this stuff about personal boundaries and I don’t understand that.  My teammate and I don’t have any of those issues...it just works.  I understand it would be tough to get paired with a complete stranger, but those people know what they're getting into and need to be prepared to deal with it. 

We're on a good driving schedule now and things are going smooth.  It took us a month or two but I drive noon to midnight and he drives midnight to noon.  This way no one has to stay up for way longer than they should have to and one person doesn't have all of the night driving.   

Q: What are the plans for the future?  Staying at PAM Transport?

A: I am coming up on 1 year with PAM Transport and a lot of people keep asking me if I am going to take a local truck driving job.  As with any job, it takes some time to pay your dues and get the know the people you're working with on a regular basis.  Now that I've been here for several months, my driver manager knows he can rely on us and there's a relationship built there.  I just don't have any desire to start all over again and work my way up the totem pole.  Things are going well right now...getting good miles and making good money.  There's no reason really to rock the boat.

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