Trucking Tips: Cooking & Eating On The Road

Sure, Driver Solutions can help you get started with CDL training & find a truck driving job, but when it comes to cooking out on the road we rely on drivers like Trucker Warren to help us out with some first-hand tips. 

We're kicking off our Trucking Tips series with a great video that Trucker Warren put together about eating and cooking out on the road.  We would like to personally thank him for taking the time to put together these tips and create the video just for us.

In this video, Trucker Warren & Kenny "The Scare Crow" bring you a lot of good information about making the best eating decisions you can while out on the road.  This video covers the choices that truck drivers have to make each day when it comes to food and offers some tips on preparing food yourself.  These tips will help save you money and promote healthy eating.

One of the items mentioned in this video is the Burton Stove To Go.  This looks like an actual lunch box, but provides a built-in heating element that allows you to prepare hot meals while you are out on the go.  There is also a book that goes along with the Burton Stove To Go called Cook'n On The Go which features a bunch of recipes developed by a professional truck driver.  This sounds to me like a must-have for those just starting entry level truck driving jobs.

Truck Warren also provides some information about what he has seen with truck drivers who rely on energy drinks.  Being out on the road for hours at a time, it can be easy to fall into the trap of drinking massive amounts of energy drinks and soda, but it's important to remember the health consequences that come along with it.  As Trucker Warren says, it's okay to have a sweet tooth, the key is to limit your consumption.

We will continue to follow Trucker Warren as he posts videos in his series about Budget Minded Cooking and share his helpful tips with new drivers. 

Do you have some Trucking Tips too? 
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