From Construction Worker To PAM Transport Driver - Michael’s Story

Michael Price is a Driver Solutions alum and PAM Transport driver who recently upgraded to first seat driver (Woohoo!  Congrats Michael!).   We first connected with Michael via Facebook and it wasn't long before we knew we had to talk with him.  Michael has a great story to share and it's one that thousands of others can relate to - going from a construction job to a more rewarding, dependable truck driving career.

Today, Michael is going to tell us why he decided it was time to "just do it" and how his life experience growing up around trucks benefited him during CDL training. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of Michael's story, coming shortly!

Q: Why’d you decide to pursue a truck driving job?

A: My whole family does it. My uncles and cousins are all truck drivers it seems.  I’ve really been around it pretty much all my life. The second reason is that where I’m from, there are maybe three factories, so jobs around there aren't very plentiful.

I have two little kids and I’m getting married next August. I know what the pay is like driving trucks, so the way I figure, I’ll get out, drive, make some money, pay for my wedding and bills, and just keep at it.

It’s funny – I was talking with a manager at PAM Transport telling him that there’s probably 14 or so people I have in mind that I’ll be inviting to my wedding who are all driving right now with the company. When I told him that he laughed and said “Do you realize how many drivers you're taking away from me?”  LOL.

Q: What were you doing before driving?

A: Before I was at PAM Transport, I worked for a construction outfit that was over 3 hours away. I was making that drive every single day. The pay was decent, but after you take out taxes and gas money every day, you really don’t have much left. After so long, I just couldn’t do it anymore.  I thought, why not get paid to drive instead of me paying to drive?

Q: So what made you finally say, “OK, now’s the time.  No more talk.  Let's do it ?”

A: In all honesty I really don’t know what actually pushed me into it as fast as I did, but I know I literally got done with my construction job and about three weeks later I started truck driving school in Fort Wayne. I’m the type of person where I can’t sit and not do anything – unemployment doesn’t cut it. I had to get out and do something and like I said, there weren’t many jobs in my area. So I got on the computer and started looking around and found the Driver Solutions website and off I went.

Q: What was the process of working with a recruiter like?

A: My Driver Agent helped me a lot, even once I started truck driving school. From the beginning, she made sure I had everything lined up before training and even followed up with me during school.  The whole process was great and anything that came up - she took care of it.

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