Stable Trucking Job

Meet Philip Jones. He came through the Driver Solutions training program and started driving for PAM Transport in December 2013. Here's his story...

My story starts in 2008 when the construction industry took a horrible fall and the years after were like quicksand. We'd have small miracles here and there to help us pull through and keep our fight alive.

One day I was on the internet trying to find work and I came across the Driver Solutions page and applied. They called me within minutes and helped me get here. 

Now, I'm back to a normal functional way of life. I was just tired of struggling and having nothing. Now, I feel everything s haping up! The best thing I could have done was to get on the internet that day and accept the opportunity that was placed in front of me. I'm very grateful and keeping alive.

Philip's story is one that's all too common -- the rise and fall of careers in the construction industry. While the construction business can be good for a while, i's only a matter of time until a dry spell hits and weeks, months even longer periods go by without work and pay. Add on to that a potential lack of benefits and non-existant advancement opportunities, and it's easy to see why many in the construction business choose to make the switch to a more stable truck driving job. 

Ready to Make the Switch to a Stable Career?

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