Company Sponsored CDL Training Explained

When you attend a company sponsored CDL training program, that doesn’t mean your sponsoring trucking company ‘owns’ you. It just means that you and the trucking company have a deal that’s beneficial to everyone. In fact, it's the best way to earn your CDL license and stat a trucking career.

Reduce Your Out-Of-Pocket CDL Training Cost

With very little money out of your own pocket, you get a Class A CDL license and great truck driving training, while the trucking company hires you right out of truck driver school as an entry level truck driver. With this arrangement, you’ll get 12 months of OTR driving experience as a start to your trucking career.  That kind of experience can help put you on the road to success as a professional truck driver.  Company sponsored CDL training also reduces your total cdl training cost.

Check Out Trucking Companies Offering To Pay For Truck Driver School

The trucking companies in the Driver Solutions Network understand the needs of the new company truck driver.  These trucking companies work hard to make sure the first year of truck driving is a positive experience.  If you are considering attending a truck driver school, check out the sponsored CDL training opportunities offered by trucking companies like PAM Transport and USA Truck.