Collecting Unemployment Benefits Can Hurt Chances for Trucking Career

The US unemployment rate is terrible, but you already know that.  Recently, Congress approved an extension of unemployment benefits.  I understand the reason and necessity, but it does come at a cost for the unemployed worker.  For folks considering new careers as truck drivers, the longer they collect unemployment benefits, the more difficult it could become to land the best trucking driving jobs.  You see, trucking companies that are offering the better trucking jobs can be more selective in their hiring decisions.  There is no shortage of job applicants for the best trucking companies.  These companies are regarded as the best places to work because of their commitment to their drivers.  A trucking company which offers a truck driving school course to train its new truck drivers is in big demand. 

For those with an employment history that has numerous gaps or a long duration of unemployment, it can be tough to land a job with a good trucking company. Truckload carriers willing to pay for the upfront cost of CDL training look for stable, committed employees.  Those applicants with a lot of unemployment are deemed as riskier hires.  Job seekers generally don't realize the expense a company incurs to recruit an employee.  So naturally, companies want to minimize the risk of employee turnover. 

My best advice to someone interested in a trucking career is to be active and not wait until the unemployment benefits run out before taking action.