Father’s Day Gifts for Truck Drivers - Keep Dad Wrapped In Your Love

What to get Dad this year for Father's Day?  That's the question every year and it's one that's even more difficult to answer if your dad is a trucker.  Father’s Day is right around the corner. It’s always a difficult task to find just the right gift for Dad; especially when your dad is a truck driver.   Don’t worry though; with the help of our THIS or THAT guide, finding the perfect Father's Day gift for truck drivers is just a few clicks away.

What is THIS or THAT?

On the Driver Solutions Facebook page, we’ve been posting popular gifts for truck drivers and asking for feedback.  Each day, we put 2 items head to head to find out if the majority of drivers prefer THIS ONE or THAT ONE.  So, let’s get started with...

Bluetooth BlueParrott vs. Sirius XM Radio

Coleman Sleeping Bag or Trillium Worldwide Car Cozy (12v electric blanket)

Why Choose The Coleman Sleeping Bag?
This is no regular sleeping bag… Coleman offers sleeping bags that will meet dad’s needs whether he’s southern dedicated or an ice road trucker! They have bags that can withstand temperatures below 0°, as well as bags that are lighter for summer weather. If dad is big and tall, there are no worries there either, because Coleman offers bags up to 88”!

Why The Trillium Electric Blanket?
Make sure dad doesn’t get too chilly with the Trillium Worldwide Electric Car Cozy. This blanket is ideal for trucking dads because it’s electrically heated and includes an 8 foot fused cord so that it can reach wherever he needs it to go. No need to worry about it starting a fire either, it’s got a 30 – 45 minute automatic shut off timer to give him (and you!) piece of mind.

Which one wins?

The Trillium Worldwide electric blanket comes in first place here. It’s the more affordable option, it’s electric powered, and it’s guaranteed to keep your trucker cozy out on the road.