Top 7 Christmas Gifts for Truck Drivers in 2012

Ahh..the holiday season is upon us. Time to down that egg nog, stuff your face with Snickerdoodles, and wait until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts for truck drivers in your family. The question is...just what are the best gifts for truckers? With such limited space, it's hard to think of gifts that a truck driver would actually be able to use on the road. Lucky for you, with the help of our Driver Solutions' Fans we've compiled a list of our top 7 Christmas gifts for truck drivers!

We asked fans of the Driver Solutions Facebook page to share their top recommendations for truck driver gift ideas.  Just to bring you up to speed, Driver Solutions Facebook fans are comprised of truck drivers of every skill level -- from the absolute newbie to experienced trucker, and they provided some great feedback on what they'd love to receive! 

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So, here we go...The Top 7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers in 2012

Slow Cooker

We all know living off artery clogging fast food is no way to stay healthy on the road. But what's a trucker to do with such limited space for cooking? Enter...the slow cooker! A slow cooker is a great present for truck drivers who want homecooked meals on the road, but don't have the utensils and/or equipment to make a full meal from scratch. All they have to do is chuck their ingredients in the pot and go. When they stop for the day, they have a piping hot homemade meal waiting for them. You can find both 12 volt and regular AC powered slow cookers on Amazon.

Driver Solutions' Fans Suggest: RoadPro 12V Slow Cooker or Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker


Truck drivers travel to uncharted territories every day. Why not help them out by getting them a GPS? A trucker's GPS will help get your loved one to his or her destination quicker. Make sure that you're getting a trucker specific GPS, however, as normal GPS models don't plan accordingly for large tractor trailers. A trucker's GPS will plan a route based on road and weight restrictions and clearance heights.

Driver Solutions' Fans Suggest: Rand McNally TND 720 IntelliRoute Truck GPS

Satellite Radio

Why not give the gift of music to your favorite trucker? Satellite radios are great gifts for truckers because they're commercial free and have lots of variety, unlike FM stations that play the same 10 songs over and over again. It can be a royal pain to have to continuously change the radio station every hour because you keep losing reception. However, with satellite radio, you don't have to deal with this as you have constant access to over 150 stations -- including a trucker's talk station! If your trucker has a button in his truck for XM radio, all you'd need to do is buy the subscription. If there is no XM option in their truck, you can purchase a little dock radio that plugs into the existing stereo system.

Driver Solutions' Fans Suggest: XM Onyx Dock-and-Play Radio with Car Kit


Tablets are great all-purpose gifts for truckers because they are very versatile. Drivers can get on the internet, Skype with friends and family, read books, and watch movies all on one device. Tablets used to cause a financial strain on your pocketbook, but these days, you can get a high-quality model without paying an arm and a leg.

Driver Solutions' Fans Suggest: Kindle Fire HD

Travel Mug

Truck drivers drink a loooot of coffee on the road. A great gift for the truck driver in your family would be a good, high-quality travel mug! An insulated thermos will keep your trucker's coffee warm all day long.

Driver Solutions' Fans Suggest: Thermos 16-Ounce Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Electric Blanket

Keep your truck driver warm and cozy on the road with an electric blanket. Truck sleepers can get a bit chilly during the winter months, but with an electric blanket, your trucker can sleep comfortably and rest up while waiting on a load.

Driver Solutions' Fans Suggest: Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket

Bluetooth Headset

Truck drivers are prohibited by law from using any handheld devices while driving. This makes a bluetooth headset a great option for the long haul trucker. These headsets can be worn while driving and require only the push of a button to answer a call. Reception is generally very clear and though these aren't the most stylish of electronics, they're very beneficial to drivers who still want to keep in touch with friends and family while they're driving.

Driver Solutions' Fans Suggest: Blue Parrott Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset

Of course, gifts for truck drivers don't have to be flashy electronics. Plenty of truckers everywhere would appreciate a nice home cooked meal and time with friends and family. Whatever you end up giving to the special truck driver in your life, make sure it's from the heart. And don't forget to thank truck drivers for everything they do for us. Remember, without them, we'd have no Christmas gifts to give in the first place!