The Best Christmas Gifts for Truckers

On the commute to the office this morning, I heard an XM Radio commercial for Rand McNally. Rand McNally is the leading producer of maps and road atlases. With a world of information just a click away, the idea of a paper driver's atlas seems as old-fashioned as a rotary dial phone. Well, it looks like Rand McNally has embraced today's latest technology with a new truck driver-focused GPS. The intelliroute TND 500 GPS unit brings a wealth of essential trucker information right to your fingertips. Some of the features that set this GPS apart from standard consumer models are the propiretary truck routing suggestions and maps trucker tools like truck stop locations and a cross-reference to the information contained in the Rand McNally Motor Carriers' Road Atlas. You can check it out at Rand McNally's website.

Think about what a useful tool this could be for any new truck driver freshly out of truck driver training program. I've seen the map reading and trip planning courses taught at trucking schools. There's a ton of information in Motor Carriers' Road Atlas if you can remember how to use it. With this GPS unit, a new truck driver doesn't have to flip pages back and forth just interpret the information and figure out his route options. It's all conveniently displayed on screen in a simple, easy to understand format. I can't think of a better gift this season for someone just finishing truck driving school. Mark Kinsel, president of Driver Solutions, a company providing truck driver training and driver job placement, commented that he thinks "it's great that Rand McNally has developed a GPS specifically targeted for use by truck drivers."

So, this is one idea for a Christmas gift for a truck driver, especially one straight out of truck driving school.  Please feel free to comment with other trucker Christmas gift suggestions.

Disclaimer: This is article is an independent opinion and is not endorsed, nor was compensation provided, by the manufacturer of the intelliroute TND 500 GPS unit or Rand McNally.