Cheers On Wheels - Truck Decorating Contest Entry


This is our 10th year decorating the Cheers On Wheels truck.  I started for a radio station's parade to benefit abused children.  Nearly everything is custom made for the truck.  The 7 1/2 ft. tree is 2 trees welded onto 1" steel, bolted to frame.  The hat hides 14 electronic sirens.  All the lights are into a 32 channel computerized light show.  14 6x9, 4 tweeter hooked to 4 800 watt amps.  All lights are L.E.D. this year - 3 cases on tree alone.  There are 9 sets of L.E.D. under carriage lights.  A nativity scene is mounted on Ram bars.  The dash has a winter town scene.  The light bulbs and icicles on sides are hand carved out of reflective vinyl laminated onto magnetic sheets.  Everything on truck is highway ready.  For more info and videos on this truck, search Facebook or YouTube  for "Cheers On Wheels."

Entry Details:
We received this great entry today from Bart Macasieb in our truck decorating contest.  We've checked out some of their YouTube videos and this truck seems to spread Christmas cheer everywhere it travels.  If you would like to vote for this truck to win our contest, just "Like" it using the Facebook "Like" button below!

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