Truck Driving School - CDL Training Students Sing Christmas Song

Driver Solutions takes CDL training very seriously.  But, we also know how to have fun!

Recently, we asked our Facebook fans to helps us write a new truck driver song for Christmas - The 12 Days of Training.  Our fans responded and we created a new verse for each day based upon The 12 Days of Christmas theme.  Each day and each verse features items often seen around a truck driving school such as log books, CDL tests and road atlases. 

For example...

"On the 1st day of training my instructor gave to atlas so the roads I can see!

Once we had our song created with the help of the Driver Solutions Facebook fans, we needed to find people to sing each verse.  Well, none of us at Driver Solutions are very talented when it comes to the singining department and we wanted this video to be something truly unique... so what were we going to do?

Well, we decided to head to a truck driving school in Indiana to see if we could get some students to do the honors by singing each verse.  After all, it's a song about training, so why not have those currently at school help us out. 

We weren't sure what kind of a response we'd get when we asked these truck driver training students to sing on camera, but much to our surprise most were very excited to have the chance to help us out by being a part of this fun video. 

So we gathered up the props needed for the video and went to work.  Everyone had a lot of fun and several stars in the video were anxious to share with their family. 

Please join Driver Solutions in applauding these students for showcasing their singing skills and being such great sports while making this one of a kind video. 

We encourage you to share this among the trucking community and with your friends and family!