Truck Driving Training School Interviews - What Is CDL Training Like?

We are continuing our interviews with truck driving training school students to get their feedback on our CDL training and their overall experience.  One of the questions we ask is simply, "what has trucking training been like so far?"

The students that we've interviewed seem to agree that they are learning a lot in our truck driver training program.  It's not uncommon for someone to think that truck driving is easy and only about getting behind the wheel to haul something from one point to another.  These same people are surprised to learn about things like the pre-trip inspection and quickly discover how much hard work is required to pass the CDL test.  Regardless of the expectations prior to coming out to CDL training, it's great to find out that they feel prepared to pursue a truck driver job

Many trucking students note that the hands-on help that our CDL instructors provide really helps them feel comfortable behind the wheel.  The other big thing that is often mentioned is the confidence gained in knowing that you are achieving something by going through our truck driver training program.  Some say they are able to do things behind the wheel for a large semi truck that they never would have thought they could do before coming to Driver Solutions. 

Check out the video below for some feedback as students currently in CDL truck driving school share their feedback on what the experience has been like so far. 

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