CDL Training In The Snow - A Hidden Learning Opportunity!

Spring is supposedly here, but Winter weather is still showing up at some of our truck driving schools.  Some may look at this weather as an inconvenience, but really when you think about becoming a truck driver - wouldn't you rather learn how to drive in the snow during CDL training with an instructor right next to you than in unfamiliar territory during your first week as a solo truck driver?

While this unseasonably cold weather may not be ideal, if you look at it as a learning opportunity you might just be surprised what you'll remember when you face similar conditions out on the road in your trucking career.  Who knows - it could be the best learning lesson of all during your time at trucking school.

Remember to make the most of these conditions and check out this photo of this snow plow clearing the range so we can train the next group of CDL professional truck drivers!

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