CDL Training For All Ages: Begin a Truck Driving Career Now!

Many middle-aged employees who are interested in pursuing a career in truck driving are under the impression that it's too late to start training for a CDL later in life or that they’re too old to explore new career options. Well, I’m here to tell you that this is simply not true – there is no age limit to a truck driving job or the CDL training that accompanies it.

No matter your age or where you may be at in life, there's always time for you to begin CDL training with Driver Solutions. After all, the entire training class only takes 3 to 4 weeks, so you can complete the program and be on your way to a new profession in right around a month!

Many of the industry’s current truck drivers have either previously been retired or have worked long-term, dead-end jobs before they embarked on their new career in the trucking industry. Driver Solutions sees different groups of people come through our program all the time, from construction workers, to military veterans, to retirees. Many of these folks have decided to begin a new, exciting career later in their lives.

Meet Lanty French
You don’t have to be a pup to start a career in the trucking business. Take 40-year-old Lanty, for example. Lanty worked for 14 long years at a job that was heading nowhere. He wasn’t happy and wanted to make a job change. After researching a bit online, Lanty decided he was going to attend truck driving school to get his CDL. Now, Lanty has completed his CDL training, graduated, and begun his new career with USA Truck, all in around a month’s time!

Don’t let the fact that you’re not 22 years old hinder you from taking control of your life and starting a new job. There is no such thing as "too old" for a new trucking career. If you’re not happy in your current position, or if you’ve always been interested in being a truck driver but never pursued it, now is a great time to make the change.  Plenty of CDL training students are beginning 2nd careers each week as there are good jobs available. 

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If you think you’d enjoy a truck driving career, what are you waiting for? No matter where you're at in life, there's always time for you to enroll in CDL training with Driver Solutions. There are always people like you that want to start a new career but aren’t sure if they’ve missed some unspoken age cutoff. So go ahead, apply now with Driver Solutions – it could be the best career move you’ll ever make!

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