A CDL Without A Job Opportunity Is Like A Truck With A Flat Tire

Getting a CDL without having a job opportunity is like a truck with a flat tire...it just doesn't go very far.  Unfortunately, all too often we hear from drivers who got a CDL without thinking through the next steps. The reality is that without a game plan, what happens next is usually nothing.  It’s not uncommon for a driver to get a Class A CDL on their own then have no luck trying to find a truck driving job.  Most employers want to see some verifiable driving experience (usually 1 year) or confirmation that the driver has completed a CDL training program before offering a job opportunity.  This puts that driver between a rock and a hard place.  They’ve spent the money and time to get a CDL, but can’t find a job without experience and don’t know where to turn next.  Time goes by, the CDL expires and now it’s back to square one. 

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Flat Tire CDLDon’t Let This Happen To You

A CDL license is like a golden ticket – a golden ticket to a lifetime of opportunities in the transportation industry.  But it all has to start somewhere.   In the trucking industry, that means starting out as an over-the-road truck driver.  Yet all too often, we see rookie drivers think they will be able to get a CDL and find a local truck driving job without any experience.  They quickly find out that it just doesn’t work that way.  Don’t fall into this trap. 

#1 TIP: Understand Truck Driving Job Opportunities BEFORE CDL Training

We can’t stress the importance of truly understanding the truck driving job opportunities that are currently available BEFORE attending CDL training.  While truck drivers are in high demand, it doesn’t mean that trucking companies are hiring just anyone, and everyone.  Take the time to do some research upfront to find out what truck driving jobs are available in your area and how much experience is needed to get one.  It’s likely that company sponsored CDL training is the best entry point into the industry because it combines the necessary training with a job opportunity.    

How Company Sponsored CDL Training Works

Company sponsored CDL training is all about finding the right job opportunity for new drivers.  The company invests in the driver by covering the upfront tuition costs that come with truck driving school and the driver gets the experience of working with that company for a period of a year.  Going back to our analogy, this is like buying a truck with wheels.  The driver is ready to go to work upon meeting the requirements of the CDL training program with no grueling job hunt to worry about.  In fact, many times it’s right around just 1 month from the first day of training until the driver is out on the road making money.  How’s that for getting a new career started quickly?

Final Piece of Advice

We understand there is not a one size fits all approach to becoming a truck driver.  In fact, we wrote a blog earlier last week taking a closer look at the 2 ways to go about getting a CDL.   The one thing we can say with 100% certainty is that no matter how a driver gets a CDL, the job opportunity needs to be forethought, not an afterthought.

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