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trucking-jobs-no-experienceOver the last few months, we've had people come to Driver Solutions searching for:

While there are many ways to search for something online, all of these people are essentially in need of the same thing - help getting started in the trucking industry.  Most are completely new to truck driving and just need to get some experience under their belt.  And most of it just comes down to getting the first year of OTR (over-the-road) driving before doors for other opportunities open up. 

Through the Driver Solutions Company Sponsored CDL Training Program, we can help inexperienced drivers get that experience they need to go places in the trucking industry.  We're able to do it by partnering with trucking companies that help cover the upfront tuition costs so drivers can get the training they need to be a qualified driver

In fact, last year alone we helped over 2,400 start a truck driving career...

Can Driver Solutions help you?  Complete the secure online application to schedule a time to speak with a Driver Agent about your career options in the trucking industry. Just click the "Apply Now" button in this post to get started. 

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