What Are The Best Truck Stops on the West Coast?

Best Truck Stops on West Coast

Truck drivers need a place to unwind and sometimes those large chain truck stops out on the West coast just don't cut it.  While some of the big names do have a lot to offer, they can often be overcrowded and most simply lack that "home away from home" comfort. 

When it comes down to it, the best truck stops on the West coast (or anywhere for that matter) must have:

  • ample parking space
  • a safe atmosphere
  • delicious food selections
  • plenty of entertainment and shopping options
  • quality driver services such as a scale, truck wash and landromat
  • nice, comfortable lodging nearby

Driver Solutions went to Facebook to ask some truckers out there to help us answer the question - what are the best truck stops on the West Coast (or close by)?  Here's a look at 5 of the most popular options:

1. Jubitz Travel Center in Portland, Oregon

From the Jubitz Website: 
"Jubitz Corporation is a multi-dimensional transportation services company offering commercial fueling and travel services to fleets, the professional driver, and local and traveling public alike. Our focus on customer needs and passion for providing a World Class Customer Experience have expanded our services from a simple fuel stop to one of Oregon's Top 150 largest Oregon privately-held companies, combining our Jubitz Travel Center, Portlander Inn & Marketplace and Fleet Services divisions."

2. The Boise Stage Stop in Boise, Idaho

From the Boise Stage Stop Website:
"The BOISE STAGE STOP is a full service travel center located on I-84 between Boise and Mountain Home in Idaho.  Offering many amenities for all types of travelers:

  • Convenience store with all the traveling essentials,unique gift items, and more
  • Public horse corrals - adding more in Spring 2013
  • FREE RV dump
  • Event center (coming soon - Spring 2013)
  • Truckers' amenities"

The truckers' amenities at The Boise State Stop include: showers, TV break rooms, phones, gyms and of course plenty of free parking!

3. The Garlic Farm in Gilroy, California

The Garlic Farm is proclaimed to be "The West's Most Comprehensive Truck and Travel Stop" and its website includes this services overview:

Truck and Traveler Services

  • The Garlic Farm General Store
  • ATM
  • Handicapped facilities
  • CFN card lock
  • Telephones and fax services
  • Clean showers and restrooms
  • Coin laundry facilities
  • RV parts
  • Gas and Fuel
  • Car and RV wash
  • 24-hour garage
  • Wireless Interne

Special Truck Services

  • CAT scale
  • Comfortable trucker's lounge with computer phone jacks"

4. Little Amercia Travel Center in Little America, Wyoming

From Little America's Website:
Little America's Travel Center has 16 fueling islands, a convenience store, a grill/restaurant called Snack Bar, parking spaces galore, and a host of other amenities. All our employees are dedicated to giving you the same pleasant and enthusiastic service our visitors have come to expect. No matter your needs or wants, let Little America show you what has made us a traveler's oasis."

5. Wendover Resorts in Wendover, Utah

With larger truck stops nearby, the Wendover Resorts have become a popular place for truck drivers to enjoy their free time.  There's plenty of entertainment, good food and casinos to keep everyone happy. 


So, which truck stop gets the best reviews?

Jubitz Truck Stop Reviews

When it comes to the true West coast truck stops, Jubitz Travel Center is among the best of the best!  If you're in the area, but sure to stop by Jubitz to enjoy all of the nice offerings just for truck drivers!

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