What Is The Best Smartphone For Truck Drivers?  iPhone vs. Android

What is the best phone/smartphone for truck drivers?  This is a question we get all the time.  In fact, here's one we got just a couple weeks ago...

Dear Driver Solutions,

My husband is starting his new career soon and I want to get him a new phone that'll work well for everything he needs to do out on the road. What type of phone do most drivers recommend?



So, how does one go about answering this question?  I mean, aren't some phones really just a matter of personal taste?  Sure, you've got Apple fanatics and who can argue with the iPhone's unbelievable success over the years?  It may seem like an iPhone would be the obvious choice. But on the other hand, there are Android phones coming out such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note models that have larger screens that many people seem to enjoy. 

Apple iPhone 5

Overall, smartphones will continue to get better and the choice will ultimately be up to you, but there are some things to definitely consider when talking about the best smartphones for truck drivers.  Here are some things you'll want to review before making a decision...

Choose Your Carrier & Plan Wisely
Remember back in the days before the iPhone came to Verizon?  Well, we've come a long way since then, but the smartphone you decide to buy will depend on the carrier you choose and not every phone you see on the commercials is available with every carrier.  While many phones are now available across all networks, there are others that require you to sign a contract with a certain carrier and it's important that you're aware of that. 

Choosing your carrier will likely depend upon the plans that each offer, so just make sure you do your homework on that and remember you can always scale back on your plan.  Starting off in a new truck driving career, you may be unsure how many minutes you'll use or text messages you need.  Consider starting off with a plan you feel will be more than enough, monitoring your usage for the first couple of months, then scaling back if needed.  This will allow you to avoid those pesky overage fees that can blindside you and add up quickly.

When choosing a carrier and plan, you'll also want to consider things such as coverage (HUGE one for truckers) and speed, but that's a whole new post I'll get to some other time!

Which Smartphone Platform Is The Best (For You)?
When it comes to smartphone platform discussions, generally all roads lead back to iOS (iPhone) vs. Android.   Sure, there are others out there such as Blackberry and Windows-based phones, but iOs and Androids take most of the market share.  If you have other iOs devices such as an iPad, then getting an iPhone will make things much smoother.  On the other hand, if you're more of a Google/Android fan and like the additional customization the Android platform allows, you might want to go with a new Droid.  You'll read a lot of things about the pros and cons of the iOs (iPhone) vs. Android, but at the end of the day both platforms are solid.

Available Models - Specs & Price This is where you'll want to consider things such as speed and size. As mentioned above, one person may prefer the ultra crisp Retina display that comes on the iPhone while another person may prefer the larger screen on many of the new Android devices. Really, it's up to you and what you'll be using the phone to do? Are you going to be watching a lot of video on your phone? If so, the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S4 may be the way to go. You may also want to consider what type of quality (both photos and video) you'll get from the smartphone's camera. This can often be overlooked, but keep in mind this device is going to be the best way for you to communicate with friends and family while on the road. Truck drivers love to send photos to friends of the places they travel....and there's nothing like a Skype of FaceTime call with the family to remind them how much you love them.

There are many other specs you will want to consider, so do your research before making a decision. Of course, your purchase decision will likely come back to price but keep in mind with most carriers you're going to be in a contract which means you'll have that phone for a couple of years before you can get a discount on an upgrade.  

Driver Solutions Recommends:  As you might have guessed from reading this post, we recommend the iPhone 4S or 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4.  

Now that we've covered what to look for in a smarphone for truck drivers and given you our recommendation, let's see which phone our Facebook fans recommend!

What Is best Smartphone for Truck Drivers

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