What Is The Best Portable Stove For Truck Drivers?

When it comes to cooking out the on road, truck drivers need something that saves them a whole lot of time and money.  So, what's the best portable stove for a trucker who wants to heat up a delicious meal in a hurry?  One of the highest rated, top selling RoadPro Portable Stoveportable stoves on Amazon.com is the RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove

4 reasons why this RoadPro Portable Stove is a great choice for truck drivers:

  • Plugs into most 12V lighter-type sockets
  • Super easy to take with you and move around in truck
  • Heats food up to 300 degrees
  • Works great with pre-cooked food, stews, beans, chops, rice meals, hot dishes/goulash and more

RoadPro Portable Stove Reviews from Truck Drivers

We've talked with thousands of truck drivers via the Driver Solutions Facebook page and this portable stove constantly comes up as a must have for new drivers.  But don't just take our word for it - here are some reviews from truck drivers on Amazon...

TJ writes:

"It really gets old eating fast food while out on the road.I'm a trucker and thats all they have in most travel centers.On Christmas my girlfriend got me this,and its the best gift I could have gotten.This is a tackle box stove, and its mainly a food warmer.This will get pretty hot also,and after plugged in for only 10 minutes the bottom plate has plenty of heat.I can pull into a rest area,throw some hot pockets or burritos in it.Then head down the road and then pull over and have lunch in about an hour.This stove saves me a whole lot of money as well,as i really don't have a need to eat out when I'm on the road.In the morning i can put some sausage biscuits in it and in 30 min. there piping hot.As for dinner i can warm up leftover pizza,lasagna,soups, or pretty much any frozen food and it comes out great.If theres any negative thing to this stove,I'm not sure what it would be.Its prefect for a someone running solo or a team.So if you want to eat healthier on the road or just to be able to bring some real good food with you,this would be the item to have.

UPDATE 4/11- I need to to let people know i am still enjoying my stove.I'm able to pull over put my food in my stove,and about an hour later its done.I was getting burned out on hotpockets,so found other great things to cook.miniature pizzas for 45 min.(butches pizza) work great in this,you might need to trim it though.Chicken wings for 60 min.(walgreens premade)work great in this too,and a nice treat for me.campbells chucky soups for 60-90 min. using loaf pans lined with foil,our great to have as well.I like the clam chowder & chicken gumbo sausage soups.BBQ sandwiches work great in this too,i buy lloyds premade pork for 45 min.,and a package of buns and i'm set for the week.Mozzarella sticks & cheddar poppers for 45 min.our a nice treat as well.This stove really saves me a whole lot of money and being a long distance trucker,it gives me a chance to have something decent when i'm gone."

Jorge De La Rosa writes:

"I have had this product for a little over two weeks now and I must say that this has changed the way I eat my meals at work.Having to work 8-10 hours in a truck often times away from a reliable microwave, this product has allowed me to incorporate warm/hot foods into my work time meals.  Maybe reviews have complained about the size but I for one like the fact that it isn't big and bulky. I find it fits perfectly in between both front seats while I wait for the food to heat up.

Word of caution though, don't forget about your meal. I've left food in there to get it extra crispy and found it sizzling and smoking minutes later.

My only complaint is that the Cigarette lighter plug hangs onto the sides of the hole for dear life and I'm afraid that I'll one day pull the wire completely off. Would be great if the plug had grooves on the side as opposed to the smooth sides it has now making it easier to remove.  An on/off switch wouldn't hurt either.  Both very minor complaints which is why my 5 star review stands."

Again, it looks like RoadPro takes the cake when it comes to convenient, affordable cooking out on the road.  Most truck drivers prefer heating things up over time (even if it may take an hour) while they're driving to get as close as they can to that home RoadPro Extension Cordcooked taste. 

PRO TIP:  Pick up the RoadPro RP-203EC 12V 12' Extension Cord with Cigarette Lighter Plug to make cooking on the road even more convenient.  At under $10, you'll be glad you did.  You can also throw in a 3 pack of handy aluminum pans for just $3 to help you get started cooking fast.

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