Truckers On The Best Places To View 4th of July Fireworks

We previlously ran poll on the Driver Solutions Facebook page with the question - "Where is the best place you've seen fireworks on the 4th of July?"

How doesn't love a good fireworks show, right? If you find yourself on the road next 4th of July, you might want to check out some of these locations. 

Here are some of our favorite responses:fireworks-cicero-indiana-morse-lake-jermiah-sheward

  • Fort Jackson Columbia, SC. Was off the chain, saw them there while I was going through BASIC Training in 2008 - Joseph
  • St. Lous, Missouri the fireworks were set to music. Awesome! - Rhonda
  • In The Hole, Thats Jackson Hole , Wyoming. Until you see it its like nothing you've ever seen or heard before! Totally awesome! - BigMike
  • Best place I saw Fireworks would have to be from flying over Hawaii while fireworks were going off at the same time the volcano was erupting below us. The mixture of the volcano erupting with the fireworks in the air lit up the entire night sky for miles for the eye to see. I think it was the most amazing and rare thing to see. (Combination of fireworks and errupting volcano ) - Travis
  •  In Ypsi in my front yard... to be able to go home right after without traffic was beautiful to - Miles
  • The Warf in Orange Beach, AL. --Watched the movie Eclipse with my wife, rode the ferris wheel, watched the fireworks from the docks, and listened to Montgomery Gentry live and it was all at the Warf. The best night I've had in years. - Joseph
  • Bellingham, WA. they shoot fireworks right off the edge of the Bay. Plus, you can see fireworks that are shot off from other places around the area, and those that are shot off from the FAR west side of Puget Sound! - Bonnie
  •  I used to work security for a large buidling down town in OKC and we used to go to the roof top and have them go off pretty much in our faces it was cool. - Jeremy

 The photo in this blog post is courtesy of Jermiah Sheward and shows the fireworks over Morse Lake in Cicero, Indiana.