Ask Wayne: The Best Part About Being a Truck Driver

Wayne Cragg was a driver for USA Truck during 2012-2013.  Below are his thoughts and experiences driving for the company during that time.  The views and opinions expressed below are his and not representative of those of Driver Solutions.  

In April of 2015, Driver Solutions and USA Truck mutually agreed to dissolve their partnership.  Driver Solutions remains committed to helping new drivers find the best truck driving job and CDL training opportunities available.  Learn more about our company-sponsored CDL training program here.

Leisha Leslie KKaboom from Driver Solutions Facebook page asks:  Whats the best part of driving around the country?


Hi Leisha,

Thank you for your question... I believe the best part of driving around the country is that you get to see the U.S.A. and all its beauty. Every state is different and every state is unique. For example, I had been to New York before, but never upper New York. My trainer Randy (he grew up in upper New York) and I went through upper New York with a load during the OTR training phase with USA Truck. I never knew New York State was so beautiful!  I had been to the big city like a lot of people, but these other parts of the state were just like eye candy.  It was such a treat to see the rolling hills, mountains and plenty of farm land. Pretty amazing. At the same time, coming to Texas is great as well. Their roads (and there are a lot of them!) are nice and it always seems like I'm back in an old western movie or something when I'm cruising down some of their highways. Today, as I write this, I'm in Houston.

The best part is I'm getting paid to travel around and see all of these wonderful states.  Now, that's pretty nice!

Take care,


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