What Is The Best Refrigerator for Truck Drivers?  Read ARB Fridge Reviews

You're cruisin down the open road jammin' to some Here I Go Again by White Snake and the last thing you're thinking about is what's for dinner.  Why is that?  Is it because the next buffet is just 50 miles away?  NO, you're a healthy trucker so buffets don't cut it.  It's because the best refrigerator for truck drivers is traveling alongside keeping your food and drinks chilled. 

ARB Refrigerator for Truckers

So, what is considered to be the best refrigerator for truck drivers?

I think we've got a clear winner when it comes to portable fridges, but it is a little pricey.  However, often times truck drivers consider their truck to be a home away from home, so looking at a refrigerator as an investment that will ultimately save you money in the long run makes the expense justifiable. 

After reading reviews and asking thousands of truck drivers, the highest rated refrigerator for truck drivers we could find is: ARB 10800472 Fridge Freezer- 50 Quart.  One thing is for sure, this fridge is not to be confused with your typical 12 volt cooler and there's nothing wimpy about it.  Not only is it ideal for long haul truck drivers, it's also perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle and people who like to travel for outdoor excursions like camping, fishing and more.  While it can be transported easily given its size, you will need to make some space in your truck for this portable refrigerator as it comes in weighing 70 lbs with product dimensions of 30 x 22 x 17 inches. 

More features of this ARB Fridge for truckers include:

  • Large storage space that can fit up to 72, 12 ounce cans
  • Crystal clear LED display control panel
  • Electronic temperature settings
  • EZ latch creates a tight seal to maintain desired coolness
  • Drain plug aids in cleaning, and can be removed during storage to air the cabinet
  • Handles are non-rotating and perfect for tie down while traveling long distances
  • Easily sort dairy and fruits in different compartments - also ideal for team drivers wanting additional organization

Now that we've reviewed the features, it's important to note one other thing.  ARB did its homework when creating this fridge by asking the market what they didn't like about their current fridge/freezers and addressed complaints such as: too heavy, not enough space, takes too much energy, too hard to clean.    

Now that you know more about what makes the ARB 50 qt fridge the best refrigerator for truck drivers, let's dive into some Amazon reviews:

Read ARB Fridge Reviews from Amazon

Stephen on Amazon writes:

"This fridge/freezer is amazing. I live in hot east texas and drive a black truck with black interior. I keep this fridge set on 33 degrees farenhiet. I always have cold food and drinks. If I don't start my truck for 3 days, the fridge will automatically shut off. I have the cut off voltage on the fridge set to the middle position (can't remember the exact voltage). Even if the fridge has shut off, it leaves plenty of juice for my truck to start. This was in the dead of summer when my inside truck temps probably exceeded 140 degrees or more, so I'm sure the fridge was running a lot. I drive around 10,000 miles a month, so my truck doesn't normally sit for 3 days without being started. I love being able to keep meat, leftovers, or whatever in this fridge without having to buy ice, or worry about everything being water logged. I think this fridge should pay for itself in no time. I buy cases of ozarka water to keep in the fridge and this saves me about a dollar every time I grab one ot of the fridge instead of stopping at a convenience store. Not to mention the money I save on power aid, gatorade, and food. I am absolutely impressed with this fridge!"

ARB Fridge for Truckers

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Sprinter123 on Amazon writes:

"I drive a delivery truck in the Texas heat, and this fridge is the best investment I have ever made. I can't tell you how much money I have saved by not stopping for food and drinks. Even if I wasn't saving money, I would probably still buy one. It is so convenient to be able to reach behind the seat and grab a cold drink. I don't have to worry about ice or loading it in the morning. I just refill the fridge once a week, and I am set.

As a test, I put the fridge in my car to see how long it would last before it shutoff due to low battery voltage. After five days, it was still going strong, but I had to end the test because I needed to drive my car. My point is that I have no worries about leaving it running for long periods of time.

When I bought the fridge, I was a little concerned about how well it would cool in a hot car. It does amazingly well. My car gets up to over 150 degrees when it is sitting in the hot sun, but the fridge stays at the preset 33 degrees all day long.

There are several manufacturers of these 12 volt fridges, and I did a lot of research before I purchased the ARB unit. It is a very well designed fridge, with the removable lid, easy to use controls, and low power usage. My only complaint is the price, but Amazon has the lowest price I've found."

PRO TIP:  Pick up the RoadPro RP-203EC 12V 12' Extension Cord with Cigarette Lighter Plug to make chilling and cooking on the road even more convenient.  Once  you've picked out the best portable fridge for you, check out all of our recipes for truck drivers here.

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