The Best Cooler for Truck Drivers - RoadPro 7 Liter Cooler/Warmer

Staying comfortable while you're out on the road can be a tricky thing, but with a few affordable and widely available items, it doesn't have to be. There are lots of items available that are designed specifically for use in a vehicle, making it easy to both store and power devices that make your time on the road a little easier and more fun. Our friends at have recommended that truck drivers keep a cooler in their vehicle to store healthy snacks and drinks, so we talked to hundreds of truck drivers to find out their top pick for the task, and what to look for when trying to shop for a cooler for a truck driver.

Three Things Truck Drivers Need in a Cooler

1. Performance

There's no point in a truck driver keeping a cooler in his cab if it's not going to work! A top pick among truckers is the Roadpro 7 Liter 12V Cooler / Warmer because they can use it to keep items warm or cold. It changes temperatures relatively quickly, keeping your food and drinks warm or cold to your liking. Keep a hot dish warm for hours between lunch and dinner, or keep a cold drink cooler than the air in your cab. It's a lot more reliable than an insulated cooler and ice pack on the road -- plus, where will you refreeze the ice pack? No worries on this, just plug it in and let it go.

Kandoro in Northern California writes:

"From a starting ambient temp. of 75 degrees it heated up to 110 in 10 minutes and cooled down to 50 degrees in 20 minutes from that 110. Not sure what others expect but this seems quite satisfactory to me. It is built real sturdy with a nice carrying strap and the lid locks open for convenience. Obviously the cup holders are convenient while the power cord stores under these cup holders if so desired."

2. Affordability

Truck drivers can't afford to spend a hundred dollars on a cooler, which is another reason why the Roadpro Cooler/Warmer is so popular. At just about $36, this cooler seems to be a good fit for a trucker budget. If you think about it, you might spend $30 on truck stop food in just a couple of days. With this cooler, you can save money and store your own food and beverages.

3. Convenience

This cooler only uses about 2-3 amps, so it can be used for hours. It's designed to fit inside a vehicle, so it's very compact and self-contained. It even has a couple of cup holders on the outside for additional drink storage. The cooler is small, but it's designed to fit ergonomically in a vehicle. It's not a refrigerator -- it doesn't cool things down -- but it keeps them at their current temperature.

D. Landin writes:

"The unit holds a 6-pack of canned soda, or any equivalent amount of drinks or food. We recommend the Roadpro company, the Roadpro 12V Cooler, and the Koolatron Battery Saver."

When you consider these factors and take into account the reviews from truckers that are out there using these products, RoadPro seems to be a consistent name in everyone's cab. Coolers are a great idea, and this Roadpro Cooler/Warmer gives the performance truck drivers need when they're over the road.


What are your thoughts? Do you agree that this is the best cooler for truck drivers or would you suggest something else? Let us know in the comments below!