Ask Wayne: What Are The Best Boots For Truck Drivers?

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I am beginning truck driving school with Driver Solutions on the 18th. My question is, since I plan on getting me some new boots, can you name a few brands that the tread works well for icy / slick diesel covered walkways? Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks for the airbrakes blog!

- Janece Hutchins from Facebook


Hi Janece & thank you for your question!

Justin WorkbootsI need to defer this question to Driver Solutions. I have a pair of hiking boots I used when I was hiking in Alaska in Denali National Park and they are now worn out.  It's funny you should bring this up because I actually need a new pair pronto myself! So I have the same question as you...LOL. Not sure what kind I'm going to buy? I'm sure Driver Solutions can give us some great ideas.

I am going to digress a little bit on this question and talk about my pair of hiking boots (they're Columbia) that I now have that are so worn out...they really do need to be retired. These boots have seen me on top of Mt. Healy on the edge of Denali National Park, Alaska (I have a great video below of one of my hikes on Mt. Healy, where I didn't make it to the top, but was oh so close! I made it before and after that attempt, but not that time. I just kept trying!)  They have taken me through "Triple Lakes Trail" in Denali National Park, Alaska. These boots got me through my entire time in Denali National Park in the summer of 2010 hiking alone in the big mountains in the park and just outside the park. Barely missing a grizzly bear who had confronted 2 other hikers who were just ahead of me. And I have pictures to prove it. They have also seen me get to the top of Uneva Peak near Vail, Colorado. Also seen me get to Vasquez Peak on the Continental Divide in Colorado. These same boots have seen me hike 13 miles into Eagle Creek Trail about one hour out of Portland, Oregon. Seeing Tunnel Falls was an experience to never be forgotten. Getting there had you hanging on to a rope just to traverse the trail. So, my poor boots will be retired into the Wayno boots hall of fame. I will never throw them away. But they haven't been all that great for trucking! LOL Oh well, a different time in my life. Ha.

These links all go to Amazon and there are reviews for each type of boot so you can make the best decision possible.

Hope this helps!

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