(Video): The Best Bluetooths for Truckers:  BlueParrott vs. Blue Tiger

A Bluetooth headset is one of the first "toys" truckers buy on the road. Not only does it make life easier in general, but it makes it safer to talk to friends and family back home. A Bluetooth headset is a great gift for truckers, but with several different brands and types of headsets out there, which is the best Bluetooth for truckers?

The Blue Parrott and Blue Tiger are two Bluetooth (boy, that's a lot of blue!) headsets that are popular with over-the-road truckers. Both offer premium noise-cancelling and have a considerable amount of talk/standby time on the road. Ultimately, the major difference between the two is price and a few aesthetic differences.  Our friends over at The Healthy Trucker put the Blue Tiger and BlueParrott to the test to see which one truckers prefer.  Take a look at the video below to find out which Bluetooth has what it takes and get the full buyer's guide here

WATCH: BlueParrott vs. BlueTiger