Being Paid To See The Country

Nicole graduated from truck driving school through the Driver Solutions company sponsored training program almost a year ago. She has now been to all the lower 48 US states except for five in the New England area, several times over. Among her favorites have been Washington state, Arizona, New Mexico, the coast of California, and the Rocky Mountains. Nicole says you have to have a positive attitude as a truck driver. She loves meeting new people, seeing new places, and having lots of new experiences. In her new truck driving job, Nicole has really taken advantage of the added benefits of being paid to see the country. She loves the beautiful country she gets to see while she continues to drive for PAM Transport. If you approach your truck driver job with a positive attitude and a sense of adventure, the opportunities for what you'll experience on any given day are endless. Nicole is a February 2011 truck driving school graduate. Her first truck driving job was as part of a team, and she now drives solo for PAM, hauling freight from coast to coast. As a mother to two young daughters, Nicole has to balance her home time carefully. She is constantly connected to her friends and family through social networking, constantly updating everyone on her location and sharing photos and videos.

Nicole has spent a year on the road so far, but part of that time was spent as a member of a team. What's it like to be a team driver for PAM Transport? Watch our next Driver Solutions alumni video: team driving.

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