Video: Begin An Exciting New Trucking Job Today!

Deciding to enroll in CDL training and beginning a new trucking career is an exciting time for many people.  Each person has his or her own story as to why they chose to become a truck driver.  In this video we see Eric, a truck driver training student, talk about his experience with school and what prompted him to make a career change.

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Eric's Story

Growing up, Eric always wanted to be a truck driver, but never had the ambition to go for it. Many people grow up dreaming about a trucking job, but never end up pursuing their dream. Often times, they get stuck working dead end jobs until they finally make the decision to better their lives. Eric knew that he had to make a job change once he got married and had kids. He realized that it was time for him to begin a professional trucking career in order to support his family.

It's certainly not easy returning to school when you're in your 30s, but Eric overcame that challenge with the aid of his trucking school staff. His instructors encouraged him and taught him how to operate a big rig safely and correctly.

Eric says that learning how to operate that 48-foot-semi was an awesome feeling. There's nothing better than deciding to make a change and achieving your dream. Eric now has a steady career and a direction in life. He can rest easy knowing that he can now comfortably support himself and his family.

Why Apply with Driver Solutions?
Every day, Driver Solutions is able to help people who want to make a career change, just like Eric. If you're eager to learn the skills and you have the desire and drive (pun intended) to begin a new trucking job - apply with Driver Solutions today.  Get your new trucking job started and get on your way to making a solid paycheck!