Becoming A “Professional” Truck Driver The Right Way

I was reading an article yesterday by Gary Bricken, a former truck driver that spent nearly 40 years behind the wheel.  As you can imagine, during that time Gary saw a lot of changes in the industry.  Of course, many of these changes were with the trucks themselves, but two of the things that stood out to me were changes in the meaning of a "trucking career" and his thoughts on what truly defines a "professional driver."

Back when Gary started out; few trucks had air conditioning or power steering.  Each truck driver had a logbook, but hardly anyone paid attention to them.  He said, "trucking on the interstate was a whole different world.  You had to have a whole bunch of license plates, stickers and permits by the dozen."  My things have certainly changed since that time!

Gary didn't hold back in saying that trucks today trucking careerare far safer, cleaner, and "infinitely easier to park."  With these changes, have also come changes in the meaning to a "trucking career."  Trucking companies no longer hire drivers with a bunch of tickets, DUIs or accidents.  It takes meeting the basic DOT qualifications and insurance requirements to become find an trucking job.  This helps in creating the huge advantage to trucking; as long as you do your job, do it well, and meet the requirements - there will always be a job out there for you.  Because of this, a "trucking career" has some real meaning to it.  

Now, the term "professional driver" also has some more meaning to it.  Sure, completing truck driver training and getting your CDL license is the first step - but there is more that comes along with being labeled as a professional.  Gary tells us that a "professional driver" is one that completes a daily pre-trip inspection, pays attention to his or her logbooks and makes the most of relationships with customers.  There are going to be times when loads will be delayed and customers will be hard to deal with but part of being a "professional driver" is dealing with these things by making the most of the situation.

Gary wraps up his article by stating that, "this old driver can honestly tell that there has never been a better time to enter this industry."  The freedom that comes along with being out on the road and ability to earn a solid income to provide for yourself and your family make truck driving a growing industry today.

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