Backups During My First Couple Weeks Solo at USA Truck

Some questions came in recently about how my first couple of weeks have gone now that I'm a official Solo USA Truck driver.  I've also been asked if I was nervous or stressed..LOL  Let me summarize the first couple of weeks and then get right to something that can be very stressful for any new truck driver - BACKUPS!

Overall, I think the first couple of weeks went very well with regards to the loads I got. I didn't find myself too stressed out or overwhelmed.  I believe this was due in part to all the training over the last few months. I would have to say the most stressful (for lack of a better word) situations I found myself in were the "backups."  When you arrive at a location for pickup or delivery, you just never know what kind of backup situation you are going to get. For example; When I delivered to Tulsa I had 3 stops. The first stop was sooooo easy. In fact, it was the easiest back up I have had to date. It was almost too easy. LOL I knew that if it was that easy, the next one would probably be much, much tougher!  And I was correct...

The second stop was a very, very interesting backup. It took me quite a while to get it right and I had an audience watching me (the guys in the plant) when I finally got it backed up. I got out pretty proud I didn't hit anything, got out and looked (GOAL) plenty of times and basically got it done right. The guys started talking to me and asking me, "do you see that nice fence??" I said "yes, It looks new." They laughed and said, "that's the second new fence we got this year...been knocked down twice and hit numerous times." I was feeling even better at that point! I did it! YES... Then they asked me, "do you want to unload?" "Of course" I said... They proceeded to show me I forgot to open the back doors! Dang it! No problem though, I laughed it off, pulled just a little forward and opened them up. We all got a good laugh out of it.

I'll be back soon to talk about using a GPS and calling ahead on deliveries.

Take Care,


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