About Mike Rogers
Hi, my name is Mike Rogers (also known as TruckerMike) and I'm a former OTR truck driver, CDL Instructor, and driver trainer. During my trucking career, I traveled through all 48 continental states in all weather conditions maintaining a perfect service and safety record. From the first day I stepped into a big-rig, I began documenting my career and experiences through my truck driving blog. I now work as a full-time website developer and freelance writer specializing in the trucking industry.

The goal of this blog is to give you a positive, yet honest view of truck driving so that you can become a safe and successful truck driver. While the trucking industry can be very tough at times, the rewards can't be matched by any other lifestyle. I hope this blog helps to prepare you for the challenges while at the same time enables you to maximize the rewards that trucking offers.


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