Attending Truck Driving School In A Snow Storm

As I'm writing this, a large portion of the country is digging out from a massive snow storm that is shutting down a lot of major Mid-Atlantic cities.  And even some of the Midwest Driver Solutions Network trucking driving schools have been affected.  One comment from future truck drivers that I hear a lot this time of year is: "I'm going to wait until spring. I don't want to train in the winter." And my first reaction is, "why not?"  Is there a better time to learn to deal with the issues that Ol' Man Winter can throw at us from November to March?  As one is learning to drive a truck during the winter months, it's my opinion that the truck driving school experience is enhanced by season.  And here is my reasoning - learning to drive with challenging weather conditions forces you to focus on your truck driving skills even more. 

Winter driving experience can be invaluable. If given the choice, who wouldn't want to be exposed to winteDriving in snow at a truck driving school r driving during truck driver school with a driving instructor providing advice.  Once you begin your new driving job, you are going to be expected to know how to get the job done in winter weather.  I'm not just talking about driving in the snow.  Ice storms, sleet, fog  and rain can create unique driving conditions that can't be experienced on a sunny, 82 degree day in June.  Failing to understand the how the weather conditions can affect the ease with which a vehicle stops, changes lanes or turns a corner can be the difference in arriving at your destination safely or never arriving at all.  So while it may seem like a hassle to deal with, training during a snow storm can provide a lot of benefits for new truck drivers.