Announcing Driver Solutions’ Driver Agent Blog Series

First, let's explain the role of the Driver Agent...
One of the added benefits to working with Driver Solutions to start your trucking career is the opportunity to work with a Driver Agent and have access to a Driver Account.  Immediately upon submitting your online application, you will be matched up with a representative at Driver Solutions (your Driver Agent). 

This person's job is to make sure you have everything trucking-careeryou need to start your trucking career.  They take care of scheduling you to attend trucking school, pre-qualifying you for a trucking job opportunity and making sure any questions you have about your new trucking career get answered.  The Driver Agents typically talk to each applicant they are working with every 2-3 days or at the minimum, once per week up until time to come out to training.  This is a huge help to make sure you are on track and have all documentation so you can get the most out of training.

The Driver Agent also provides each applicant with access to what is called a Driver Account.  The Driver Account is a central place where you can communicate with your Driver Agent in between calls by sending he or she a message.  The Driver Account and learn all about other things to help prepare you to get the most out of your trucking training. 

Now, here is what we are going to be doing with the Driver Agent blog series...

Each week, we are going to be sitting down with a Driver Agent here at Driver Solutions.  The goal is to talk with those individuals that are talking to each of our applicants every single day.  We will provide helpful answers to questions that are coming up on their phone calls with applicants.  We will also cover inside information that will help you make sure you get the most out of your time here at training.  Stay tuned for our first interview with a Driver Agent as we kick off this series. 

If you have any questions about the process after you apply, just ask it in the comment section below this post.