Share the Road Tip: Allow for Space Between Curb & Trailer

You know those stickers on the back of semis that say, "Warning: This vehicle makes wide right turns?" Those are there for a reason -- they're not just decorative decals!

Due to the corners at right turns, truck drivers are forced to "swing wide" when making these turns so they don't hit curbs, telephone and light poles, or other vehicles. Often times when they're preparing to do this, they'll scoot far over to the left to give themselves more space to turn. And often, impatient cars think that this is an invitation to drive up next to them so they can get past quicker.

Bad idea. If you squish yourself right up adjacent to the semi, what do you think happens when the driver starts to make the turn? You're in his blind spot (are you noticing a common theme?). He starts to make the turn, and since the rear wheels follow a shorter path than the front, the side of his trailer scratches the side of your car, and you get smooshed between the semi and the curb. Not a fun place to be, if you ask me.

This is a situation that's easily avoided with patience. Just hang back until the trucker completes his or her turn.

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