Adjusting to the Trucking Lifestyle—Not Just for Drivers

Adjusting to the lifestyle change that comes with truck driving is one of the most difficult parts of the entire process -- even for family members who aren't on the road. Rebecca talks about what it was like as Josh first started his trucking job and how her family eventually adjusted to his life on the road.

After completing CDL training, I was very proud of my husband for becoming a trucker but I knew that my life was about to change! The first week was very hard for me and my husband. I was unsure if I was going to be able to watch him leave again and again and be gone for weeks at a time. My husband had already been gone for a few weeks and he was only home a few days. It seemed like no sooner than he got home, it was time for him to leave again. I felt like this for a while after he started driving.

Even though I was unhappy that he was leaving, I would try and make the most out of the time that he was home. But then the day would come when he had to leave. We would even get into arguments because I would become so standoffish and I would start to push him away. I did this because I felt that if I was mad at him when he left I wouldn't hurt as bad. Needless to say I could not have been more wrong.

When the Adjustment Became Real

I have been asked by many people when did it really hit me that my husband was not going to be home every night like he used to. This was hard for me to answer because I am the kind of person that see things one of two ways -- black or white. There isn't really a gray area with me. But with my husband driving and being gone a few weeks at a time and then being home for a only few days, this changed things.

The adjustment didn'tt truly become real for me until he had been coming home for a few weeks. I had days where I thought he would always be gone and I was going to be married to a man that I hardly ever got to see. To be honest, sometimes it is still hard when he leaves.

A Surprising Lifestyle Change

The biggest thing that surprised me about the whole thing was how I was able to adjust to the change in lifestyle. I have always been told that you never know how you'll react to something until it happens. I believed in this to some degree, but for the most part I truly thought I knew how I would react to most things. I never thought that I would see myself being a trucker’s wife! Now I am very proud to say that my husband is a trucker.

Settling Into a Routine

I don’t believe that at first there was anything that I found easy about the change. I believe that as I settled into a routine, things became easier. Like I have said many times before, things were hard but over time I believe that I've adjusted quite well. Don’t get me wrong, there are still days that I have a hard time with my husband not being home, but over time things have become easier for my family and I.

My husband gave me great advice, he said that he had been doing this and it helped him with being away from home and his family. He told me to take things one day at a time. Don't look at it like WOW my trucker is going to be gone for three weeks. Look at it as though they are only gone a day. This was something that has really helped our family.