A Truck Driver Interview Series You Won’t Want To Miss

Over the next 4 days, we will be posting an interview series with John Carpenter...

John came through the Driver Solutions Training Program back in July of 2010.  He has been driving with USA Truck ever since. 

We reconnected with John after he stopped by trucking school to visit and checked-in on Foursquare (an app that shares your location with friends).  We were then able to connect with him on Twitter, to schedule an interview to find out how things are going.

•    What was truck driver training like? 
•    How does he like working for USA Truck & how many miles does he get? 
•    What's the hardest part about trucking? 
•    How does he stay connected with his friends & family while out on the road? 

John will answer these questions and many more in this 4 part interview.  Be sure to check back each of the next 4 days so you can follow this must read interview series.