A Special Father’s Day Note To Our Trucker

Even though my trucker may not be home all the time, that does not stop his family from knowing just how much he does for us!  The kids and I try to make sure he knows everyday just how much he means to us. But Father’s Day is the one time of year that we really get to shower him with love and appreciation!

I want to give a very special thank you this Father’s Day to a wonderful husband and daddy. I am a very lucky woman to have a husband that will do anything and everything that he can for his family. He is a dedicated husband, father, and trucker.

My husband is the kind of man that will not let anythin stop him when he puts his mind to something. He told me from the first day that we were together that he was going to make sure he took care of me and our children. He does whatever it takes to make sure he stays true to his word. I cannot thank him enough for all his hard work.

While he might be out on the road, he still makes sure that he stays in touch with me and the children regularly. He has everything setup so the children can video chat, email and text to keep in touch often. I want to give him a HUGE THANK YOU for giving our children a very loving and caring father. I could not ask for a better father for our children.  This year, the kids have some special messages to share with Daddy...

Special Father's Day Notes from the children:

  • I love you and I wish you were here so we could watch TV together. Happy Father’s Day Love Victoria AKA your buddy
  • Dada I love you and I want you to come home so we can play games and make cotton candy. Happy Father’s Day Love Elizabeth (Buff Buff)
  • Miss and love you daddy come home soon. Happy Father’s Day Love Joshlynn
  • Dada I love you and miss you. Come home soon and Happy Father’s Day Love Baby Josh

 You are our world and we are so thankful for you. You deserve the very best since you are the best. Happy Father’s Day!

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