A Driver Solutions Review – Student Pleased with Decision

Check out the latest Driver Solutions review written by a student that just completed the CDL training.  Here in the Driver Solutions offices, we’re always looking for feedback to help make our training program the best it can be.  It seems the internet is full of negative business reviews.  That makes sense because when someone is passionate about a situation, they are more likely to comment about it. That’s why I really like this Driver Solutions review from Steven Rosetto.  Not only does he share his thoughts about Driver Solutions and people he met during training, but it’s an inspirational story of overcoming obstacles that would have forced some people to give up. He experienced both emotional highs and emotional lows during his CDL training and he was gracious enough to share his story.

Steven took the time to give us some great feedback about both our office personnel and the CDL training school we sent Steven to.  Perhaps most impressive to me is that fact that Steven worked thru personal tragedy during his first week at truck driving school.  His mother passed away and understandably Steven left school to be with his family and attend to these personal matters.  A lot of people would have given up at that point, but Steven returned a week later and picked up where he left off.  His review of CDL training program shares his appreciation and respect for the truck driving school instructors that helped him earn his CDL.  Even when Steven suffered a setback with a failed CDL skills test on his first attempt, he was able to regain his confidence, learn from a mistake and rely on the support of the truck driving school staff.  He passed the test and ultimately became a proud CDL driver.

It really shows the human, caring side of our business.  Steven’s success is our success.  We strive everyday to help people fulfill lifelong dreams and career goals.  Sometimes there are “bumps in the road” to CDL training. We have a commitment to provide the best CDL training experience possible.  Good training means the road we share will be safer. 
The Driver Solutions program is not for everyone. But for those who are committed to beginning a new career (and not just a job), we will give our best effort to help you succeed.  So the next time you read an anonymous bad Driver Solutions review on a complaint website, stop and ask yourself how dedicated the reviewer was.  Then think about Steven and his success at truck driving school.