9 Most Popular Driver Solutions Blog Posts of 2012

Believe it or not, we're now well into 2013.  Looking back on 2012, we had a great year here at Driver Solutions.  In case you're new to our blog, or just want to get caught up - we figured we'd put together a list of 9 of our most popular posts.  We've brought you many posts over the past year, from stories about our drivers to industry tips and tricks to help CDL training preparation.  Take a look at some of our best and let us know which you really like by sharing, commenting or liking...

Driver Stories:

My 1st Year with USA Truck - Miles, Home Time & More

Don Dennard, USA Truck driver, discusses what his first year as a truck driver has been like in regards to miles, home time, and his relationship with his fleet manager. Read more here > > >

Timothy's Tips for OTR Training with USA Truck

USA Truck trainer Timothy Brown shares first hand knowledge on what the team training is like. He discusses what students should bring as well as what they should know about going OTR with their company trainer. Read more here > > >

My Experience: Showers & Truck Driver Pay During OTR Training

Wayne Cragg answers a few reader questions in this post. Learn about truck driver pay and what the truck stop showers are like. Read more here > > >

CDL Training Tips:

How To: Prevent 4 Common CDL Training Mistakes

The difference between success and failure at CDL training comes down to four main mistakes students make before and during school. Learn what they are and how to prevent them here. Read more here > > >

4 Steps to Help CDL Training Go Smoothly

After making the decision to attend CDL training, there are a few things students should do prior to arriving at training that will make their time much easier and less hectic. Read more here > > >

Heading to CDL Training - What Should I Pack?

A common question we receive is, "What should I bring with me to training?!" Here is your checklist on all the necessary documentation, school materials, and personal items you should bring along to trucking school. Read more here > > >

Trucking Industry:

25 Truck Stop Tips: From Driver Solutions Facebook Fans!

As a professional driver, it's a guarantee that you'll have to make frequent pit stops at truck stops across the country. We asked our Facebook fans what truck stop tips they had -- here are 25 of the best answers. Read more here > > >

Beyond the Driver's Seat: 3 Trucking Jobs After Your First Year

Virtually every trucker gets their start in the industry as an OTR driver. After you get that first year or two under your belt, a myriad of other trucking jobs will become available to you. Driver Solutions president Mark Kinsel discusses three of those job opportunities here. Read more here > > >

I Knew I Wanted to be a Truck Driver When...

Driver Solutions fans tell us when they knew they wanted to be a truck driver and what prompted them to make a career change. Read more here > > >


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