8 Tips For New Truck Drivers - From CDL Training To The Job

Today, we bring you the last part of our interview with first seat PAM Transport driver Michael Price. Michael is just beginning his truck driver job with PAM Transport, but he's learned a lot already.  He passed the CDL test on his first try, completed truck driving school and has finished OTR training.  He's currently a team driver with one of his classmates from school and has plenty of good tips to share...8 to be exact!

Since this is the final part of the interview, you can get up to speed with the links below or just keep reading for Michael's 8 tips. 

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Michael's 8 Tips For Success

Q: What tips for success do you have for incoming students?

A: I have several tips - here they are:

  1. Pay attention to instructors. They know what they’re talking about.
  2. G.O.A.L.! No matter what, get out and look. They stress it during school and it’s important. I’ve already seen a lot of accidents out there that could’ve been prevented.
  3. Be clean – keep the truck clean inside and out. This will help with DOT and help keep things in order.
  4. Keep up with your logs – this is getting easier with everything being through Qualcomm, but you must keep up.
  5. Know how to manage your money – avoid things like running out of money 4 days before pay day!
  6. Stay patient – this job can test your patience, but staying calm will always put you in a better frame of mind.
  7. Avoid the buffets and fast food – I’d recommend homestyle meals they have at truck stops over fast food. It’s not always the best for you, but with the right options it’s at least better than fast food.
  8. Take a walk or jog around the parking lots every chance you get. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, do it. It’s easy to be lazy on the road.

How To Get Started

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