7 Pre-Trip Inspection Study Tips from Truck Drivers

At some point during truck driving school, you're going to be faced with mastering the pre-trip inspection in order to get your CDL.  This is a very important piece to training and is something that has been known to create a setback for some students.

With over 100 items to remember, it's no wonder it takes some truck driver training students awhile to become confident in their abilities to complete a pre-trip inspection properly.

So, how do you master this important part of CDL training? 

In addition to using pre-trip inspection videos and pre-trip cheat sheets, students form groups to learn this together.  Driver Solutions asked some of our Facebook fans (a group that includes past graduates and other truck drivers) to share their top tips. 

Let's check em out below (note: spelling is corrected in some entries):

  • Practice for the real world. Always check that nobody pulled your 5th wheel while your sleeping and always check the trailer axles that they're locked, especially if you have auto-slide. - Adrian Hoesli
  • Study it in sections. Not all at once. And you cant study it enough. Thats alot to learn in a short time. - Richie Gray
  • Acronyms helped me the most - WACOFOE, PASS, SSS, ABCDEFU, and MARKS PJ GAP, the rest I broke down in sections and practiced on our pretrip truck. - Steven McGraw
  • I agree. The acronyms are the best way to go but also make sure you look at the photo pages and know where the parts your talking about are located at. The state instructor failed someone for not knowing where a part was at. - Doug Shaffer
  • Study with a group of 3 or 4. practice with your group every day. why?.. your group can help you if your struggling and in return you help them. My group passed pti easily because we practiced as a team. - Rodney Chalfont
  • Repetition. Get a small group and start from the beginning. If you forget in the middle have someone there to coach and hint. Then, start back from the beginning. Eventually it'll be stuck in there. Took myself and two others a week to have it down. That was only two hours every evening. Grab a flashlight and let your future be your motivation. - Joe Moore
  • Make a game out of it with a small group at the hotel. - Clay Williams

Do you have any tips for mastering the pre-trip inspection?  If so, share them in the comments section below!