6 Step Process to Truck Driving Jobs with Training

truck driving jobs with trainingHow did you find Driver Solutions online?  We were looking at some reports and it looks like many of you might be searching for truck driving jobs with training.

So let us answer the question you're probably asking - how can Driver Solutions help me find truck driving jobs with training?

It's really pretty simple, so that's why we've outlined everything in a 6 step process.  Let's take a closer look at how you can get started. 

6 Step Driver Solutions Process Overview

Step 1 - Review Career Opportunities & Submit Your Online Driver Application
It really all starts with completing the online application.  This does not commit you to anything and allows us to get enough information to research the CDL training and truck driving job opportunities in your area.  This also creates your own personal account on our website where you can review the training programs in greater detail. 

Step 2 - Speak with your Driver Agent & Log in to Driver Account
Upon completing the application, you will be able to schedule a time to speak with a Driver Agent about your options.   Your Driver Agent will be the point of contact to answer any questions that might come up throughout the process. 

Step 3 - Choose a Driver Solutions Network trucking company
We will work with you to find a trucking company that's the best fit for your current situation.  If the job opportunity is something you're interested in pursuing, the company sponsored CDL training option will allow you to get started with no upfront tuition costs. 

Step 4 - Driver Solutions qualifies your driver application
Next, Driver Solutions will work with the company to make sure you meet the basic qualifications necessary to become a safe, professional driver. 

Step 5 - Attend the company-sponsored truck driving school
Starting CDL training is the next step and in order to do that you need to attend truck driving school.  We will work with you to find a trucking school location in your area.  Here you will learn all of the basic skills necessary to obtain a CDL license and begin a trucking job. 

Step 6 - Begin driving for the trucking company
If you choose a company sponsored training option, you will be required to drive with the company that sponsored your training for specified period of time.  This will allow you to get the experience you need to open up other doors in the transportation industry. 

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